Our companies

World class models and moulds

Macromould Modell & Form is a neutral manufacturer of models and moulds used for production of boats, automotive, racing, cast steel, concrete, geological models and more.

Cutting Edge Precision

CNC Quality is an engineering company in Karlskoga specializing in precision cutting and machining of metal. Our customers include companies in the automotive, glass, defense and mining industries.

Extensive experience in cut and slit sheet metal products

Bandstål is an independent steel service center in Bångbro, Kopparberg, that delivers cut and slitted thin metal sheet to both Sweden and Norway.

Ownership, Management, and Development

Sebbot Fastigheter AB is a real estate company with a focus on owning, managing, and developing industrial properties. The company currently owns a property of 20,000 square meters located in Bångbro.

A passion for blockchain technology

Cryptowell is an atypical venture capital firm that emerged from the craft of mining Litecoin. Our investment philosophy is to invest in People and Companies that share our view, belief and passion for the blockchain technology.

Training for everyone

Värket is a wellness facility located in the industrial area of Bångbro, just south of Kopparberg.